How to Fold a Pocket Square

On the topic of accessories, there’s also the pocket square. Like the dimple, when done it right it will appear an effortless touch added by a well-dressed man. I promise you this, however, the pocket square takes work. Like your tie bar, it’s a classic, frankly timeless detail that is making a big comeback. Yes, you can rip out of stitching in your jacket’s breast pocket and throw in this little accessory with high style reward.

Your pocket square improves your look by adding versatility, visual interest, even depth to look at, and it’s a powerful means of personal expression. There are plenty of folds – some simple, some not so much – but how to wear that square depends in part on your taste and the formality of where you’re heading.

Remember – practice. Some time invested up front can ensure you wear it any way you want it with ease and some appropriate flair.

My top three folds?

Your classic fold is the simplest, easiest fold in the bunch. This is perfect for a casual situation – a low-key drink with friends or a fist date. It’s a great way to show off solid pocket squares with colored borders.

How you do it?

Start with the pocket square laying flat, fold one side over the other lengthwise, and then fold the bottom up to meet the top. Last step, fold lengthwise again to match the width of your breast pocket and tuck it in.

Stepping up your game? Go with the puff fold. For me, it’s a go-to. It packs a ton of visual punch but it’s fairly simple. You can play a bit with this one once you’ve tucked it in to get it just right – blouse it out, stretch it to fit your pocket, whatever you think looks good probably does. This is a versatile fold; it looks great everywhere and anywhere.

How you do it?

Start with the pocket square laying flat and pinch the center. Pick it up from the center, then form a ring around the square with the thumb and index finger over your hand and it slide it down to the bottom. Fold the point edges over and tuck in.

Turn the puff fold upside down, and you’ve got a crown fold. This one you need to make sure doesn’t look too perfect – you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a pre-folded square. The beauty here is, like a snowflake, no two crown folds are the same. Subtle variations are what make this fold interesting – it’s an eye-catching choice perfect for just about any social situation.

How you do it?

With the pocket square laying flat on a table, pinch the center (just like the puff). Pick it up from the center, form a ring around the square with your thumb and index finger on your other hand and slide it down to the bottom. Fold the rounded portion over and tuck in. Remember – don’t show your tags – carefully remove it from your point before wearing.


Holiday Gift Guide

Gentlemen, this is a link for your better half, because it’s that time of year when they go hunting for that special something and at Sam Michael’s we bet you don’t need another three pack of navy socks.

Finding the right gift for a father, husband, son, brother, or any man in your life can be tough, but there are things out there he can use and won’t leave your purse too light.

A wallet is always a great idea, as they are useful, practical, and can be stylish. A wallet as a gift is one way to almost be sure the person who gets it will always think of who it’s from each and every time they use it.

Does he have a bow tie? Maybe not, but they make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. You can find a bow tie that’s casual yet original and goes with any outfit, or maybe he’s the formal type in need who finds one too many reasons to dress up a tux.

When it comes to jewelry, a nice pair of cufflinks is always a good accent. There’s nothing quite like seeing your man sharply dressed, and it’s the perfect way to add a dose of confidence to any outfit. The gift of a smart accessory can guarantee the compliments will roll in every time he wears it.

Pocket squares, a classic sweater, or a new pair of dress shoes are always an easy hit, and if you know his size and his style there’s no place to shop like Sam Michael’s. Our staff can walk you through the right jeans, sport coat, suit, tie, or accessory for the man you love, so stop in today and let us make this Christmas a very merry one.


Between the Cocktail Hours

So, you’ve been invited to an event stating ‘Cocktail Attire’ as the dress code.  Hmmm… what now?  We’ve seen this many times.  Like many men, you have probably begun reaching into your closet with hope of finding a solution to this vague form of dress.

So, how do you execute this look?

First, let’s start by taking a look at the occasions in which cocktail dress may be required.  These occasions are commonly known as: weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, christenings, certain sporting events, formal birthday gatherings or celebrations, and cocktail parties, of course.

As the name suggests, cocktail attire is too formal for day wear, yet too relaxed for full black tie.  It is the semi- formal, ‘between the hours’ dress code.  Here’s how to translate this to your ensemble.

  1.  Tailoring.  This is the most vital component of it all. The most common options are a dark blazer or sport jacket and trousers.  Unconventional shades will give your outfit a modern edge. It’s also acceptable to mix and match your jacket and trousers.  However, denim is still unacceptable for these types of events.  Always have a slim cut for your suit.
  2. Shirting.  A crisp dress shirt is essential to your cocktail hour look.  Make sure it is freshly laundered and well-pressed.  For a more traditional feel, choose a solid tone.  For another option, choose a light pinstripe or low-key check.  Just make sure your suit isn’t patterned if you go this path.
  3. Footwear. Leather oxfords are the standard choice.  Choose black or dark tan as a statement paired with your tailoring.  Sleek tassel loafers are also another choice.  Whatever footwear you choose, remember to give your shoes a good polish to ensure they look their best.
  4. Neckwear.  While it is acceptable at certain cocktail events to go without a tie, your choice of neckwear is a chance to push limits. With a plain shirt, add an eye- catching pattern or color scheme.  With a patterned suit or shirt, keep things simple with a minimal design that will complement the rest of your look.
  5. Accessories.  This is the final detail.  With a pocket square, keep this in mind when choosing your tie.  You don’t want your pocket square to clash with your tie.  But, you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy.  A good quality belt is very important.  Cuff links can add a touch of elegance to your semi-formal look.

It’s okay to bend the rules a little bit.  Just keep in mind to be polished without being too prim.  After all, clothing should be about expression, not conformity.  As experts in men’s fashion, Sam Michael’s Menswear is home to a wide selection of casual to formal wear.  Call 248.477.4615 or visit us today for a personalized look, tailored for a purpose.