Worried About Wrinkles?

Worried about wrinkles? Don’t be. Our clients often come in wondering what to do about those pesky wrinkles we get sitting at a desk or in our car, but the bottom line is they happen. You’ll see them on your pants, your shirts, your jackets… even your face. Like making it to 40 without a wrinkle, you probably won’t make it to happy hour without wrinkles in your shirt or pants.

After a few hours of wear, your pants will wrinkle, most likely in the crotch. This will happen with a new suit or an old pair of jeans, it’s the natural result of sitting down. A wool suit might hold shape better than your jeans, and just need to be hung up between wearings, point being durability will affect shape.

If you’re that worried about whether someone notices your wrinkles, button your coat. Whenever you’re standing in a suit, you should button up – but never the bottom button. If your jacket truly fits and is properly buttoned, nobody will notice the wrinkles around the crotch of your pants.

If you’re in your car or at your desk, it’s a good time to take off your jacket, hang it, and avoid more wrinkles than you need. If you’re sitting down in a meeting or a business lunch and need to leave your jacket on, keep it unbuttoned.

Remember – this is real life, not a movie and not an advertisement. Gravity will win, and our shirts, pants, coats, and faces will wrinkle.