How to Nail A Tie Dimple

We’ve probably all figured out how to tie a tie, but there’s more to what hangs around your neck than just the knot.  That’s right, I’m talking about the dimple, that little menswear detail where perfection seems to elude most men.  Ever notice a guy who does it right? Probably.  When you do, I bet it looks effortless, like it just happens – but that’s pretty unrealistic.

So how do we achieve an enviable dimple? Like how your tie knots, the quality and kind of fabric will make an impact, but there’s definitely a method to making it happen on a consistent basis.

If you’re still learning to dimple and knot, you should probably stick with the basic four-in-hand.  When you’re threading the longer end of the tie through, make sure you don’t tighten the knot all the way, in fact … keep it loose.  Then grab each side o the tie as you slide it through the knot with either hand and push them together to create your dimple.  Keeping that shape intact, you’ll pull the rest of the tie all the way through and then ultimately tighten the knot.

As you’re practicing your dimple, when it’s almost right but not yet tight, you can move it around and adjust it to your liking.  Just like you’d adjust you pocket square for the perfect fold, you can work your way toward a perfect dimple.  Just remember how you get to Carnegie Hall … practice.