Holiday Gift Guide

Gentlemen, this is a link for your better half, because it’s that time of year when they go hunting for that special something and at Sam Michael’s we bet you don’t need another three pack of navy socks.

Finding the right gift for a father, husband, son, brother, or any man in your life can be tough, but there are things out there he can use and won’t leave your purse too light.

A wallet is always a great idea, as they are useful, practical, and can be stylish. A wallet as a gift is one way to almost be sure the person who gets it will always think of who it’s from each and every time they use it.

Does he have a bow tie? Maybe not, but they make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. You can find a bow tie that’s casual yet original and goes with any outfit, or maybe he’s the formal type in need who finds one too many reasons to dress up a tux.

When it comes to jewelry, a nice pair of cufflinks is always a good accent. There’s nothing quite like seeing your man sharply dressed, and it’s the perfect way to add a dose of confidence to any outfit. The gift of a smart accessory can guarantee the compliments will roll in every time he wears it.

Pocket squares, a classic sweater, or a new pair of dress shoes are always an easy hit, and if you know his size and his style there’s no place to shop like Sam Michael’s. Our staff can walk you through the right jeans, sport coat, suit, tie, or accessory for the man you love, so stop in today and let us make this Christmas a very merry one.


Stay Classy in the Cold

Dressing for summer is simple, but as the mercury drops and the snow falls it gets harder to navigate what for the unprepared can be a sartorial nightmare.  That’s where Sam Michael’s comes in, to help you with eight simple looks to help avoid dumping fashion for function.

#1 – Denim

What we otherwise know as the “Canadian tuxedo,” the double denim look certainly has its place in the fashion hall of shame, but when done right it can not only keep you warm, but looking sharp.  Add a camel coat, the perfect foil to the original worker’s uniform – give your everyday a little luxury.

#2 – Tweed

You can pull off the town-and-country look by layering tweed.  It’s a way to tie in a sweater, sweatshirt, or even cord trousers but also gives that space for your knitted gloves or cap.  Accessorize in patterns.

#3 – Tailored Tech

Turn up the technical outwear with simple tailoring.  You can add a padded wool coat to a neat suit, staying warm and cool, but only if it’s cut right to your body.  That’s why we throw in tailoring with every purchase, off the rack should never look like that’s where it came from.

#4 – Print

‘Tis the season for bold and busy patterns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in subtle prints.  Micro-patterns on silken cloths can give more depth to any outfit, brought to completion by hip accessories like bags and belts.  The devil really is in the details, so add a pocket square as an easy introduction to wearing a print.

#5 – Colors

Don’t be intimidated by head-to-toe color, because this time of the year the world can use it.  If you’re not into bright, loud shades, then look into tonal berry, green, and blue, which can all add a pop to otherwise drab winter colors.  The key? Never wear more than two different shades.  You can match complimentary shades to create a refined, interesting combination.

#6 – Grunge

Kurt Cobain may be long gone, but the 90’s biggest trend is back, full circle.  You can find nirvana in slouchy leathers and checkered shirts, but don’t forget that all-important beanie.  It’s not just about the deconstructed Seattle look, it’s about staying warm, and this is a perfect opportunity to throw in layers.

#7 – Knits

Oversized knitwear is a simple solution to the tricky between-season dressing we struggle with in our sometimes-unpredictable Michigan winters.  Throw on a long, chunky knit with a denim jacket and you’ve got the perfect go-to casual combination.  Need another excuse to pull on a simple knit? Remember “Casual Friday” doesn’t mean you get to wear a bathrobe to work, so go with something just as cozy that doesn’t skip the class.

#8 – Suiting Up

Trying only one new look this season? Then make it layered neckwear.  One look you can pull off is pulling on a turtleneck sweater under a shirt.  Button up the collar or combine with a silk scarf.  Not only will these extra layers be warm and practical, but also you can look elegant at the same time.